This website kind of represents my personality. Kind of scattered, just about everywhere, attempting to do a million things at once. I did write something super professional right here on my home page, but I deleted it. I do a lot of different things and I am far from your normal, conventional mom. But what I do, I do with passion and love. You’ll find a bunch of mom things here:

  • A mom blog
  • Some books I wrote on how to be a “mom”trepreneur and work from home
  • Writing services I offer for websites and blogging
  • Mother Blessing Kits, because this by far supersedes the conventional baby shower in my opinion
  • Doula Servies. My newest and most favorite passion! Tiny babies!
  • An herbal and botanical apothecary of all my favorite remedies including CBD products!

Basically, it’s just my page. My life. Welcome to my world! Have a look around. Enjoy!

my loves

Contact me if you have any questions!