Rally in Tally

rallyintallyToday, I would like to think that the kids and I made a bit of history. We gathered at our state capital in Tallahassee along with thousands of others to rally against a law suit that is being pursued to eradicate student scholarships.  These scholarships allow everyone equal access to private schools, or schools of their rallyintally7choice. Yes, it’s true and quit unbelievable; somewhere along the way, someone decided the scholarships are unjust, and an inappropriate allocation of  corporate funds.

Enter strong will and determination! I am proud to be part of a group that isn’t afraid to fight and stand up for what they believe. I jumped on the opportunity to involve my kids in this rally event despite their resistance to my idea. Here, we had masses of kids fighting for their education. They made signs, chanted songs, supported different school districts and marched to the front of that rallyintally5capital with an amazing sense of pride for their school and mission. Yes, they asked how much longer. Yes, rallyintally1they asked is this it? Yes, they questioned the motif. Yet, at the end of the day, we took a road trip with our school to fight for what we believed in. As a community, we all wore bright yellow shirts with #stopthesuit and carried funny signs. We may have spent 10 hours couped up in a bus, but we made memories, fought for a bit of freedom, and taught kids to speak for what they believe in.

Advice? Take every advantage to teach your child something outside the box. Broaden horizons and visions! Let them know they should stand for what they believe and fight for what is right and just for all.



By Angela Christu. Proud Momtreprenuer.  Yevo Partner.  CFO of Corporate Angels, LLC  and Author of “The Mom Chronicles



Angela is passionate about her family, community health, the global food crisis and empowering moms to succeed in both motherhood and business.  Please feel free to read more on her involvement in the wellness industry , follow her daily blogs of life as a stay-and-work at home mom or join her Yevolutionary Team of independent distributors out to rock the world!




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