No more driving Ms. Daisy!!

bustrip4Yes, that is correct! That is me in the photo,  SUPER excited and at a bus station. As you can see, the kids do not share my enthusiasm as much, except maybe for the little one, as she prepared for our excursion with her coloring books and crayons and thought it was just as exciting as the merry go round at the zoo. The boys, however, would much rather have Mom drive them around in the Jag in luxury, comfort and convenience. Well, after much contemplation, I have decided that the boys are big enough to utilize some public transportation services to get from point A to point B. It could save me hours in driving, gas usage and some sanity. No more driving Ms Daisy! Therefore, as the pictures dictate, we did a trial run together on the bus routes before I sent them out on their own.

I have to admit. This was a HUGH step for me, as I am one over protective mommy. I wasbustrip5 really nervous! I had never used public transportation before. I was expecting things to be thrown at me, drug dealings in the back of the bus, you know, the movie stuff.  I got on the bus, didn’t know where to insert my money, how to utilized the student discount for the kids, or where my connecting bus was located. The bus driver took one look at me with my “1 million questions” as I entered, and signaled me, with no words, to hurry up and move along as I was blocking the entrance and slowing down his superb flow. I inserted way too much money because I didn’t even know if I was getting student discount or not, and sat down, thankfully, next to a man who was able to tell me where I would need to get off next. After the initial chaos, I was astounded how efficiently and cost effective this system truly was! There were bus stations everywhere. They were safe, clean and super easy to navigate once you got the system down.

bustrip3They say it takes a community to raise children. Many of us don’t have that extra hand or option to give us the help we need to be successful at parenting or work.  I am thankful that our community offers transportation services at reasonable costs. It has allowed me to keep my children at the schools of my choice and continue to work, while raising them the best way I can.




By Angela Christu. Proud Momtreprenuer.  Yevo Partner.  CEO of Corporate Angels, LLC  and Author of “The Mom Chronicles

Angela is passionate about her family, community health, the global food crisis and empowering moms to succeed in both motherhood and business.  Please feel free to read more on her involvement in the wellness industry, follow her daily blogs of life as a stay-and-work at home mom or join her Yevolutionary Team of entrepreneurs out to rock the world!



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