Why the kids and I Yevo.

Yes. I turned it into a verb because that is what it is. It is the food lifestyle I have chosen for the kids and I, my immediate family, my friends, and even my ex significant others and their families. WHY, you ask, does someone need to choose a particular style of eating? Is ALL this hype really necessary? Or is it just another conspiracy theory or marketing scheme? Well, you may be extremely busy in your daily schedule, but I am about to tell you some information that could change your life. Whether it be for health, or convenience and life simplification, I have chosen to Yevo, and here is a detailed explanation why.

The most important thing in life as a parent, and I am sure we can all agree, is the spiritual, mental and physical health of our children. It is our responsibility to pave the road for each avenue and hope the kids continue on in their lives with the lessons and morals we have worked so hard to teach. This article will focus on the physical care of our family units, and specifically, the nutrition side of it.


We are all responsible for what our kids eat; the amount of caloric intake, the sugar grams, the natural and artificial flavoring (pretty much the same, as depicted in my previous blog) the preservatives, the gmo’s and Hidden Hunger. Kids are what they eat, and we are seeing more and more evidence in children’s health related to their food. It’s not our fault entirely as parents, as unless you take extreme measures to educate yourself from reliable sources, we just wouldn’t know the damage we could cause to their growing bodies.

We are all busy; barely making it to the grocery store, never mind whyhaving the time to read labels and checking for those horrible and unknown ingredients. So, we grab the items we are familiar with,as seen on TV, in our grocery ads or requested by our kids from seeing them in the other kids school lunches. Most of us do this robotic-ally. Up and down the grocery isle, grabbing the usual cold cereals, oat meals, juices, rice, pastas, etc. We just have no time! Sometimes, MANY times, we just resort to the nearest fast food joint, and try to get the “healthiest” thing on the menu.


We are all budgeting our money; paying bills, increased utilities now with cell phones and internet services, car payments, rents or mortgages…the list goes on. When shopping for foods, we are reaching for the BOGO’s, the sale items, the cheaper of the apples brand, (I do that anyway,those $$ per pound add up!) the best priced grocery story. Why do you think Wal-mart is on every corner? They offer the cheapest prices on EVERYTHING including food. I admit, many weeks, money was the driving force in what items got placed in my grocery cart.

WE ALL WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR KIDS; hands down, this is a fact. Despite all the above obstacles, we all still want to give our kids the best we can with what is in our means to do so.

I have chosen to Yevo because I can now efficiently, conveniently and affordably feed my Broccoli copychildren absolutely everything they need to live, grow and heal as their bodies are intended to do.

Efficient. One serving of Yevo contains all the 43 Essential Nutrients scientifically proven by the WHO (World Health Organization). I no longer have to make sure they eat 40 bowls of broccoli at dinner. (and I am not kidding, that is what is needed to get a sufficient amount of nutrients from broccoli, even organic) No Gmo’s. Cold baked to eliminate ALL preservatives. Whole, concentrated, real food. Little to NO sugar. Pretty much NO BAD STUFF.

all the goodness in one mealConvenient. Um… this is KEY to me. Not only am I bad in the kitchen, I don’t even have the time to try to be good. All these foods can be prepared by just adding water. Do they need to be prepared as so? No, you can get creative. But guess what? I can just add water and I have a full meal for my kids, healthier than a salmon, sweet potato and salad extravaganza. Ok, on the craziest of nights, I admit, everyone has a protein shake or protein granola cereal. Alright, truth be told here… everyone has a shake for breakfast, every morning. There is just NOTHING easier, healthier and more convenient. Am I a lazy mother? Um…. Let’s just say I am a single mother of three very active kids and I choose simplicity.

Affordable. With proper budgeting, I can pre-order a month’s supply of food in bulk toWHY4 save money,  and have it delivered to my front door. No shipping charges, and no membership fees are applied. My youngest child anticipates the arrival of the big brown truck carrying her yummy foods, and its like opening up gifts on Christmas morning. A great example to share is a bag of smoothies for $38. It is 15 -20 meals, making each complete meal under $2. You will no longer need to have the kids take vitamins or extra supplements, and you will be saving money there as well. AND due to the Satiety effect of receiving all the Essential Nutrients your body requires, you will notice that snacking in between meals will subside. Skip the snacks, save the $$.

why3In summary, all the above reasons are why I have chosen Yevo for my family. I have noticed more energy, less munching, more organized meals, less chaos in the mornings with breakfasts, some weight loss, greater immunity against exposed viruses, less allergies this season, and an overall wellness for my family. I have a sense of security that I am doing my part as a mother to provide a complete nutrition for my kids that surpasses my personal abilities. And yes, I sell these items. Am I writing this to persuade you to buy them? No. I am writing this blog as I write any other blog, and that is to share a part of my family’s life that I believe could help others manage their households and raise their children more effectively. I believe in Yevo so wholeheartedly, that if I am to put my time and effort into any work, it will be something that I am passionate about and that is the health and wellness of those I care about, as well as those I don’t even know. For me, Yevo is the balance in my family’s nutrition that we’ve always needed, couldn’t find and I couldn’t provide. Would I love it if you asked me for samples? Yes, I would. And I do hope that if one day your family decides to Yevo, you let me help you get started.


iquit8Written by Angela Christu. Proud Momtreprenuer. Nutrition Advocate.  CEO of Corporate Angels, LLC  and Author of “The Mom Chronicles

Angela is passionate about her family, community health, the global food crisis and empowering moms to succeed in both motherhood and business.  Please feel free to read more on her involvement in the wellness industry, follow her daily blogs of life as a stay-and-work at home mom or join her Yevolutionary Team of nutrition advocates out to rock the world!


*Yevo is a brand new company that has created a clean, non-gmo super food with NO preservatives, and no “bad stuff”. Each meal contains all the 43 essential nutrients that your body needs from external sources, but are no longer provided in our food source. This the reason there is such a tremendous increase in childhood illnesses and allergies. Our bodies are no longer receiving the nutrients they need to live, heal and grow.

If you would like more information on Yevo and the importance of the essential nutrients, please visit our website or take our virtual video tour.









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