Shall we dance?

Eli leading a song in my Zumba class!

If anyone ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in a professional dancers household, this is it! It can happen at any time! Our family is so accustomed to music playing and dancing being a part of  our life, that is completely normal to bust the moves out in the kitchen, during dinner if  a good song happens to comes on, or embarrassingly enough, sometimes even in public. The older the kids get, the less frequent it may happen, but with my 5 year old, watch out! I recently caught her shaking her booty in line waiting to ride on the inflatables when a song she liked came on. I was laughing from afar, thinking it was totally cute, although some of her moves, were not entirely age appropriate, but I will blame that on her older brother and his friends who thought it would be hilarious to teach a toddler how to twerk. Ok, they got in MAJOR trouble, but that dance move stuck with her a tiny bit. She also has had ballet, lyrical and tap so it all turns into a mish mosh of choreography and I do believe the twerk is no longer noticeable to the naked eye.

I almost majored in Dance Therapy in college, but that would have taken me a bit farther than I would have liked for my studies. I do, however, to this day believe dance is a release of the heart, an expression beyond words, and a unspoken dialect between the souls who are participating in this group dynamic. I have always danced, and always will, despite the professional hiatus I am currently on.  I now get to kick it back and relax with my dancing skills in the privacy of my own home with the kids!

I hope this video brings lots of smiles and dancing inspiration!

Yvonne dancing with Mama

Written by Angela Christu, Proud Momtreprenuer.

3 responses to “Shall we dance?”

    • Awe! I’m so glad she loves dance and invites me to watch her perform. I’m honored!!! And the dancing at the party…. priceless!!!


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