Blessing from Cherubs (in disguise)

wolf2Polly arrived at her daughter’s preschool a little early so she sat down with her and her friends at the snack table. Three year old Tina, who is so adorable that she could have been an artist’s model posing for cherubs, put her arm around her mother, looked up at her and said, “I was in heaven with God and he gave me a choice of moms and I chose you”.

I read this expert from Sue Patton Thoele’s  Woman’s Book of Soul 12557185_10206951589141604_972446686_ojust as I was about to snap this morning after I found uncleaned peanut butter oil smeared all over the kitchen floor and tracked through out the house from my son and his friends mid night snacks during their sleep over last night.  You  have to thank God for moments like this. A peaceful thought or word that comes at precisely the right moment, that can calm you down when you are elevated and stressed out.

Any mother would be thrilled with such a heartfelt statement, but it is a blessing when it arrives at such precise moments when you are drowning with the daily struggles of motherhood. Further on in the reading, Thoele recommends we gather a blessing from a cherub whenever we get a chance, allowing the innocence of a child’s twinkle to delight us. She compares their love to pure, unconditional and true love.

I wanted to share this with other mom’s who may be needing to hear this as much as I did. It was a great reminder that often times we need to remember that kids are just kids, and are still learning. It is our job to keep our patience as much as possible and teach them the right ways. (like cleaning up the peanut butter before mom wakes up)

12874349_10207440714369429_772444075_oWritten by Angela Christu, Proud Momtreprenuer.


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