Emulating the Willow

“That the yielding conquers the resistant and the soft conquers the hard is a fact known to all yet utilized by none” -Lao Tzu

I struggle daily with my patience, and have just recently had the need to start high blood pressure medication because I am unable to instill this simple yet profound statement in my brain. I found myself impatient and angry even with this medical need! Some say we are faced with obstacles in life to learn lessons. If I could pin point one of the lessons that life has presented to me time and time again, it would be a lesson in patience and “yielding”.

When I read this statement by Lao Tzu, it really hit home for me. I pray that I can learn to be “unaffected by life’s storms through wisely yielding to their turbulence, to conquer hard attitudes by softening my own. To stop resisting philosophies and opinions that I find righteous and intolerable, and instead shine light and impersonal love upon their bearers”

kick ass

I would like to be faced with hostility, anger and demeanor and have the power to whole-heartedly and honestly be unaffected, or at least for it not to give me anxiety and make my blood pressure skyrocket. I would like to take the challenges presented to me and understand them as lessons, and not obstacles blocking me. I believe if more people where conscious about this bad habit that casts negativity to others with every feeling and word, we would be able to bring down the stress rate among our community. Currently, it is the number on killer among women.

I’ve come to realize that I do not want to be in that statistic, yet that is the direction I, along with many others are headed. I understand that I can not avoid all mean people and run and hide, nor that I can change the behavior of others, but that I, myself must be the change, and that I must. Not only to be around for a lot longer to guide my children, but to be a guide, leader and model for others who deal with similar issues.

In love, peach and as much elimination of chaos as I can summon,

Angela Christu



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