One Year Clean

Eating that is!

It’s been exactly one year since I have  changed my life around and focused on my health and clean eating. According to Fitness Magazine  clean eating  “is about eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are unprocessed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.” All these years I thought I was eating healthy, until I realized, I was not! I was highly addicted to sugar, food enhancers, and I was filling my body with empty calories and harmful chemicals.

The body needs essential  nutrients to thrive,  NOT chemicals that are causing the chronic illnesses society is facing as an epidemic today. Our food supply has declined in quality, and the health of our communities are in jeopardy.  You must now become mindful of where you get your food, what’s in it, where it was grown, and with what chemicals! It is said that chronic illnesses has been on the rise since the introduction of the “Twinkie” and hydrogenated foods, about 100 years ago, and that allergies are 400% on the rise correlated precisely to the introduction of GMOs!

clean eatingBeing a fitness instructor, and supposed wellness coach, I ended up having way more health ailments than I would like to admit. I could not teach people about nutrition until I had my health in control, and knew exactly how I did it, so that I could truly help bring people to optimal health with my true testimony.  I have learned that I can control my health problems with proper diet.  However, it is a day by day process. If I do not keep my body nutrified, or perhaps I fall off the nutrition band wagon, which is very easy considering I have a major sweet tooth and soft spot for pizza,  I am back to digestion problems, lack of energy, achy muscles, and allergies.

To show you how nutrition has changed my life, and how it can change yours, I have compiled a list of 10 reasons why my family and I went clean:

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome. For those of you who do not know of this, it is an overwhelming feeling of unending tiredness. My muscles ached, I felt like I couldn’t wake up, and I literally took about 4-5 mini naps a day out of desperation. I couldn’t wash dishes or drive with out having muscle aches in my back. SYMPTOMS GONE.
  2. My allergies ran my life. I felt like I was allergic to the air that I was breathing, and quit literally during pollen season I was! I couldn’t eat or drink anything with out getting internally itchy. SYMPTOMS GONE.
  3. I munched unending, and never felt full. I never even heard of the word “satiety“. I realized I was a habitual eater! GONE. NO MORE MUNCHING!
  4. Sweet tooth. GONE, and I thought that would never happen. I actually turned down chocolate cake (AND pizza) yesterday. I actually took a bite and my body didn’t even like or crave the taste anymore. I don’t have the overwhelming desire to devour cookies, cake or ice cream. I do test it though!
  5. Coincidentally, my two kids grew 4 inches, and my other son lost over 20 pounds.
  6. My ulcers. UNDER CONTROL with no medication.
  7. My hair and nail growth. UNBELIEVABLY quick.
  8.  My immune system is in tip top shape. I heal from bruising, cuts, and common colds very quickly.  Before I have time to assess, “Am I getting sick?” the symptoms are gone. (However, I must be conscientiously aware of keeping the intake of my toxicity down to keep the immune system up)
  9. Mood swings! UNDER CONTROL. I can maintain a more even temperament, and am less likely to snap or scream.
  10. Thru my trials and tribulations of testing out a variety of clean food items, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge to share with people looking to increase their wellness levels, energy and health. I can offer advice, and make education suggestions as to what foods people will benefit by including or excluding from their diets. That is a passion I have always harbored. I am a living, breathing testimony.

Changing your life is a major decision, and often one of the hardest things to do. We are by nature, creatures of habit. Many and most people have been eating the same way almost all of their lives. Not only do they not know any different, their taste buds might even reject non sweetened, all natural items. Rest assured, it is a scientific fact that this does change. Your palette is not a permanent thing, and your body learns tells you what it needs and what it doesn’t when you learn to listen. Go clean. Your body will thank you.


Written by Angela Christu


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