The 1 Minute Breakfast Solution for Kids

wafflesThe necessity of a healthy breakfast is indisputable.  But reality? If your family is anything like mine, we run late, miss buses, can’t find clean socks, forget to brush our teeth, and sometime do homework last minute in the morning.  A healthy breakfast? Sometimes that just doesn’t happen…..

Being a nutrition advocate, and borderline hippy-mom, I refuse to pop that waffle for a quick and easy fix. My main concern is stocking the house with food items that can get the kids going off to a good start in the morning, fueling their bodies with what they need to get a good start to the day. As research shows, kids focus, learn better and retain information when they begin each day with a healthy breakfast. Their brain literally works better. According to a study done by Tufts University  breakfast supports children in body and mind. Recent research reveals that children who eat breakfast are healthier and perform better in school than children who don’t.

waffles1Studies have linked children eating breakfast to:

  • improved nutrition
  • healthier weight
  • better cognitive functioning and memory
  • increased academic achievement and test grades
  • improved scores on math, reading, and science tests.
  • better intake of vitamins and minerals.
  • protection from the risk of obesity-related diseases like diabetes.

Enter the morning-all-in-one-breakfast-shake. It comes in a multitude of flavors, contains the ENTIRE spectrum of the amino acids, 13g of protein and only requires adding water. It can be classified as the EASIEST, QUICKEST and HEALTHIEST breakfast ever to reach your kitchen table. I literally can blend a batch,  in under a minute, put them in to-go cups, and waffles2everyone is out the door, fed and nutrified as we drive or walk to school 🙂

From a mom to another mom, this is a morning salvation.

Add this to your list of necessities that make life easier. Breakfast Smoothie. Check!


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