New Hemp Home Based Business (NO I’m not a drug dealer, not even close)

bsn-opp6When I first told everyone I was starting a home based hemp business, I got many awkward remarks. “So, your becoming a drug dealer?”, ” Hemp? Like as in Marijuana?” “Hemp..what exactly is that, do you get high from it?” It was totally entertaining! The more I work my business, the more I see that MOST people don’t really know what hemp and home based businesses really are. Well, truth be told, I didn’t either. However, now I am completely enthralled in a work from  home business that revolves around hemp and networking, and I am loving it. I have found myself surrounded by like minded individuals. Nutrition lovers, Hemp activists, awesome team mates working together for success, a great company, great products, and complete freedom to work my business when I choose.

bsn-opp7Home based businesses are the latest trends for many people who are looking for work from home opportunities, extra income, and flexibility. As a mother, you can work school hours, night hours, between meals, or in  my case, right from my daughter’s cheer leading practice on my handy dandy cell phone four nights a week. (I know, that is crazy) Combining that aspect of business ease with the fact that hemp is making a come back after over 200 years of being shut out of our country for a variety of reasons, you have the ultimate business opportunity. Almost everyone stops and listens when  you say the word “hemp” as it catches their attention. Either they don’t really know what it is, think its pot (marijuana), or LOVE the health benefits. Which ever the case, hemp catches  a lot of attention and makes for a super home based business opportunity.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from having your own work from home business, please contact us. We would love to teach you the (hemp) ropes. (Get it? Hemp is used to make awesome, sturdy, rope, in fact, hemp can be used for over 20,000 items in case you didn’t know. Ok, I’m terrible at jokes) Just contact us and we’ll hook you up. Legally, that is…









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