Why Blog?

blogWhy blog? Because, it is now one of the TOP online marketing tools available. Blogging
is short essays of content usually between 200 300 words written specifically for online usage. It allows you to place fresh content on a regular basis on your website and to use keywords to optimize the article thru search engines. It also makes your website seem extremely active with many live links, which is smiled upon by your loving friends at google! You will not write about your company, you will write about topics relevant to your industry to show your target audience your knowledge about your market. For example, a spa owner would blog on the benefits of facials or why to use sunscreen. An energy management company may blog on the benefits of solar panels, or the newest technology transferring heat from your air conditioner to your water heater. Your goal is to capture attention thru interesting content, not the net worth and great customer service of your company. Although this is important, unless you are in the direct market to purchase solar panels, an ad for a solar panel company will not catch your eye. However, and educational and informative blog written on the power saving benefits of solar panels just might make you stop and read!

Your blogs also can be shared thru a variety of social media funnels. You will want to put a small bio or “about me” at the end of each blog with links directing readers to your site. You may not be a talented or professional writer yourself, but there are many freelance writers who would be willing to write articles for you at reasonable rates. Many high school or college young adults might also be interested in writing for you as a side job.

You also have the option to incorporate affiliate marketing into your blogs for an additional
income stream, but that is an entirely separate subject.



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