Social Media for Your Business

social-mediaThe infamous social media….. This blog could be an entire  book in itself. I will
however touch on the most important ones and aspects to focus on. This block of your social media marketing will take a significant amount of time to set up, understand, and begin rolling. Like anything else, it will take patience to see results, but is a significant part of online marketing. Start by opening up accounts under all the most common social media apps, then move into the less prominent ones upon your mastery and time availability. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If your business is of service or
brick and mortar, consider Angie’s list, placement of Google Maps, or relevant service oriented sites in your industry. This requires a bit of research in your industry on your end, as I can NOT list every social media site for every business.
I suggest registering most under your name for branding purposes, and your business name for Angie’s list and Google Maps placement. Be strategic with this choice. Also, take the time to set up each correctly from the beginning. Set up specific times to concentrate on the registration process of each so you do not miss listing pertinent information on posting your profile information. Please do NOT rush thru this process. For example: Setting up Linkedin will require the insertion of almost an entire resume. Do it! The more professional your profile is, the more clients and viewers will take your business seriously. I pass RIGHT by incomplete profiles. I think “Well, this person obviously didn’t have the time or knowledge to spend on marketing or his business. He must cut corners…..” Linkedin is wonderful with letting you know how your profile ranks, and how complete it is. Other are not so easy!
Set a profile picture that is professional and just your face. It is more personable, and people will begin to recognize your picture when they see it and associate it with your name. DO NOT change this. Many sites let you pick an image for your profile background. You may change this as often as you like, and it is actually recommended to do so! Once you have all accounts set up begin to reach out to contacts, friends, acquaintances, and like minded business owners. You are building an audience to network with and work with thru
this. This is also a VERY important factor that will require your time and commitment. If possible, spend some time every day making new friends in all your social media outlets. It works!

Next, ENGAGE with your new “friends”. “Like” accomplishments, comment on posts, and
become involved. Spend a few minutes a day doing this as well. It is a commitment to the social media portion for your business. Be real, be complimentary, be friendly and get involved. Let people know your name and face. Maintain a presence. Post daily and be strategic. There are specific times that each social media site has as that are optimal posting times. Become familiar with this, and create your own social media schedule.

If you just do not posses the time for social media, there are experts to hire in the industry that are trained to move and shake your business in e-land. Find one you love, establish a relationship, and have them handle your social media if you find your time more wisely being spent in other directions, as not everyone can blog a blog!

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