In pursuit of combining the best of both worlds, motherhood and business, many women get overwhelmed, exhausted, and fail in one area or the other. Being a mom is hard! Health deteriorates, stress levels rise, and patience levels diminish.  Overworked, underpaid, and for some, the feelings of anxiety and despair spike and they feel as though they are drowning. Is it a wonder why stress is the number one killer among women? Life has become so unmanageable, that many moms are handling a household and a full time job simultaneously, or perhaps, two jobs! Many nuclear families have both spouses working out of the home, and are still struggling to make ends meet.

Here you will find how to be the best mother you can be, and still be that amazingly sexy, independent, smart and business minded entrepreneur. God. Family. Work. In that order. With your faith and ambition, anything and everything can happen.

So laugh and cry, have your good mom days and bad, but understand that you can get the live you want and deserve for you and your family. I am glad you found us, because we are here to help you regain control over  your life and finances.

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