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pjs onAngela is passionate about motherhood, her family, community health, the global food crisis and empowering moms to succeed in both motherhood and business.  She is a single mother of FOUR beautiful children who have been her driving force to succeed and excel. They have taught her the greatest life lessons;  unconditional love, patience, nutrition priorities, and the need to put family first. She learned the hard way to connect her heart to her life’s vision, but once she did that, she was able to manifest many wonderful and lucrative business ventures. She is here to share her story, and how her determination to build a life for her family superseded any and all obstacles.

Angela runs trainings for Moms to teach them how to earn income right from the luxury of their own homes, allowing them the freedom to be available for their children and families, make extra income, and even set a possible retirement plan in motion! Yes, it is true.. most of her greatest work is produced late at night, in her PJs, while the kids are asleep, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her cell phone is literally glued to her hands during the day to attempt professionalism with returning business calls and checking emails, but still, even this is done at playgrounds, in between puzzles, and during a good hard game of hide and seek.


Her passion for motherhood and childbirth has naturally led her into Doula work, which is second nature to her after the amazing births of her 4 children.

She is also the proud author of the e-books “How to be a Momtrepreneur” and “15 Ways to Make Money from Home”

Available now for purchase!



Please feel free to read more on her and follow her zany blogs of life as a stay-and-work at home mom, or learn more on how to join her Revolutionary team of moms out to rock the world!

Angela will be available for Doula Services soon!

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