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  • Sept 13, 2002

    Sept 13, 2002

    14 years ago today marks one of my greatest feats of my life. Not only did I give birth to my amazing son, but I succeeded in something I had worked hard and trained for, natural labor itself. Yes, I  know every woman does it, and yes I know thousands and thousands of babies are…

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  • Emulating the Willow

    Emulating the Willow

    “That the yielding conquers the resistant and the soft conquers the hard is a fact known to all yet utilized by none” -Lao Tzu I struggle daily with my patience, and have just recently had the need to start high blood pressure medication because I am unable to instill this simple yet profound statement in…

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  • Blessing from Cherubs (in disguise)

    Blessing from Cherubs (in disguise)

    “I was in heaven with God and he gave me a choice of moms and I chose you”. I read this expert from Sue Patton Thoele’s Woman’s Book of Soul just as I was about to snap this morning after I found uncleaned peanut butter oil smeared all over the kitchen floor and tracked through…

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  • Shall we dance?

    Shall we dance?

    If anyone ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in a professional dancers household, this is it! It can happen at any time! Out family is so accustomed to music playing and dancing being a part of our life, that is completely normal to bust the moves out in the kitchen, during dinner if…

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  • I should never have hired you. You have too many children.

    I should never have hired you. You have too many children.

    Happy Independence day to me! Feb 19th, 2016 marks the two year anniversary that I quit my job against a tyrant boss who I’ll just say is one of those people we all need to pray for. (I’ll keep the negative vibes off of my computer) I literally felt as if I sold my soul…

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  • Random Acts of Kindness.

    Random Acts of Kindness.

    Well, today is National Random Act of Kindness Day. Initially, I would say that all these national days are pretty lame! But in actuality, sometimes it takes something like this to make us stop and reflect about life. With all the hustle and bustle these days, kindness has become a second thought. I watched my…

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  • Attack of the Mother Bear.

    Attack of the Mother Bear.

    You know things have just gone from good to bad when the words “well, you are obviously not a mother” come out of your mouth. It’s that point you get to that no matter how wrong your child is, you’ll be damned if they are reprimanded by that person who quit obviously does NOT have…

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  • What this mom learned from the millionaires.

    What this mom learned from the millionaires.

    After spending the day yesterday at motivational workshops lead by the country’s millionaires, a couple questions have come to mind. When do we loose those child like dreams and aspirations and just settle for where we are in life? WHY is there only a handful of truly successful people? I believe there is only ONE…

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  • Quotes for Mom’s to live by!

    Quotes for Mom’s to live by!

    I think I have officially “liked” every inspirational page on Facebook. My feed is full of them all day, and I love it! It is moment-to-moment inspiration and reminders of the person I am striving to be. Key word “striving”; as it is also a moment-to-moment struggle for me. I am usually always stressed out,…

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  • No more driving Ms. Daisy!!

    No more driving Ms. Daisy!!

    Yes, that is correct! That is me in the photo, SUPER excited and at a bus station. As you can see, the kids do not share my enthusiasm as much, except maybe for the little one, as she prepared for our excursion with her coloring books and crayons and thought it was just as exciting…

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