Just a Few E-Books I’ve Written


book cover

 How to be a Momtrepreneur

Learn the ins and outs of balancing motherhood with being a rock star entrepreneur, thus earning the label “Momtrepreneur”! Angela will share with you her tricks of the trade, how she began, and how she manages. You will be given over 20 different methods to make money from the luxury of your very own home. You may mix and match, or try them all! Get an in-depth view of how a mom juggles and manages to not only make ends meet but live a fulfilling and happy life. PDF $5

number 1515 Ways to Make Money Online

That’s right! Learn 15 true and tried ways to make money online. May it be extra income, savings or full time, we have options for those who prefer the freedom of a flexible schedule, no boss, and unlimited vacation hours. You can assign yourself your own salary. Pay yourself what you think you are worth, and not a cent less! PDF $5

 How to Create Your Own Website-A PDF of how to crgig covereate your own FREE blog website. Step-by-step with illustrations and pictures. By the end of the PDF, you will have a beautiful website designed personally by you using a FREE online template. Purchasing or transferring your own private domain name is your own choice, you will be able to choose one for FREE from the website used to set up your account. PDF $5



Marketing Tips I will provide you with 10 tips on Online Marketing to successfully run your business utilizing the technology readily available at your fingertips. Tips have been handed down from top income earners as well as learned thru trial and error. Includes social media PDF $5

newsletter3Create your own Email Marketing Campaign

Complete step-by-step directions on creating an email marketing campaign using Wix.  By the end of the PDF, you will have a  beautiful newsletter to send out to your clients and prospects. PDF$5



How to Create your Facebook Business Page

Step-by-step directions on how to utilize one of the most important social media forums for your business. Complete with Tips and Recommendations PDF $5