Mother Blessing Ceremonies

a+mother's+blessing+ceremony+_+ampersandmotherThere is nothing more sacred then pregnancy and the birth of a child. Its traditional in almost every culture to celebrate this passage in one way or another. In western culture, we all know it as a “baby shower”. A gathering that usually consists of all women who get together to celebrate both baby and mother, and shower them with gifts to prepare for the new baby’s arrival.  Games are played, cake is eaten, and gifts are opened. The fun is definitely there, but often times its overwhelming for the new mom, and she doesn’t receive the real gifts she needs which are deep blessings, closeness, and support from her friends and family in a way unimaginable.

135656_137106326350168_117518641642270_210194_8124920_oMany cultures used to practice what is now being called a Mother Blessing Ceremony. A gathering of all women to honor, pray and bless the mother and new baby thru what will be one of the most difficult times of their lives. The center of the event focuses on mom and guests in a nurturing and ceremonial way with an emphasis on preparing mom for her biggest challenge yet, labor and delivery. It’s a fun, and alternative way to honor the mom-to-be.

Some of the blessing rituals include:

  • Making a birthing bracelet for the mother with all the guests choosing a special stone and placing it on the bracelet string while sharing something special about the mom and baby.c6ed811aebebe94aab72f4f162a091db--mothers-blessing-ideas-mothers-blessing-ceremony  She then wears this bracelet while laboring to remember all the love and support she has from friends and family. If there are many guests, 2 bracelets can be made, or a necklace.
  • A Weaving Ceremony. All the guests sit in a circle and weave a hemp or similar type of string around their wrist, then pass it along to the next guest, tying everyone together as one entity. A special blessing is said, the string is cut, and everyone ties the string around their wrist creating a bond of support for the mother to be worn until the baby is born. I like to add a charm to each bracelet for a unique and personalized touch.
  • A Blessing Book or scrolls. Every guest writes a prayer to mom and baby. To be read by mom when she is in labor to draw strength and feel connected to the women who love and care for her. The scrolls are fun as they make for a special keepsake.
  • Blanket of Love. A white baby sheet is put out for all guests to decorate with their own personal love. Baby can have this personal item as a keepsake, it is created with love by all who attended the mother blessing ceremony.
  • 29be13d1b062e87d551afcb8c6dd632fCandle Distribution. Candles are handed out to each guest to be lit when mom goes into labor by each guest if possible.  Pictures of lit candles can them be sent to mom while she’s in labor to show support and love
  • Henna Belly. Two options here! You can hire a professional henna artist to decorate your growing belly as you socialize and interact with guests, or you can have each guest contribute their own artwork onto the belly with henna ink. Both are natural and safe for baby and create an amazing and unique experience for mom. It especially makes for some great pictures! Guests can use any extra henna for themselves. (if you are local to my area, I can suggest a great henna artist!)

Kits for the ceremony can be ordered here, and include:

  1. Bracelet with beads
  2. Personalized decorated candles
  3. Scrolls and string
  4. Hemp string and charms for weaving ritual
  5. Henna for belly art
  6. Beautiful Mother Blessing
  7. Flower crown for the mother and guests

Pricing depends on the number of people that will be attending the ceremony and can be personalized to suit the party needs.  Please allow for sufficient time to fulfill the order as everything is custom made.

Contact me for more info!