My Health Pantry

moms-pantryIn my personal pantry, I am proud to announce you will find an array of clean, healthy foods. I have eliminated all toxins including processed sugar, bleached flours, and food colorings to the best of my ability. Do the kids like it? Um… I find them occasionally sneaking to the local convenience store for crappy chips and sour patch kids. But guess what?  They now KNOW what is and isn’t a healthy choice and that I have made their health my number one priority. What will you find in Mom’s health pantry? A wide variety of protein bars and protein shakes. EVERY family member has a different favorite, and we all enjoy variety. Sprouted chips, dried fruits, and nuts are plentiful in the pantry. You’ll find organic all natural cereals in multitude.  In the fridge, you’ll find non-dairy milk and non-dairy yogurts in a variety of flavors, along with fresh fruits and veggies. The no-nos we are getting rid of our sugar, wheat, and dairy. Boy, do we see a difference here in personalities….

Many people ask for my suggestions on the nutrition side, and I am always glad to share my knowledge and experience, as I have lived and learned a lot through trial and error.  Please feel free to connect with me for any questions you may have.

Below you will find a few links to foods I stock in my pantry as well as product info. These are household stables.


Happy eating and healthy living!



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