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Why I Started Sent With My Love

When I got COVID, I was so thankful for my friends and family who delivered soups, drinks, and wellness items to me. I felt loved, I felt remembered, and I felt cared for. I vowed that when I recovered, I would pay it forward from here on out whenever a friend or family member was ill. I wanted to offer that same support to my loved ones, that they gave me. This formed the basis for my packages Sent with My Love.

When Covid hit me, it hit hard, two years in, I don’t even think I had a variant, I think I got the full-blown original COVID with no taste or smell for weeks. It was a difficult recovery. The virus hit me when I wasn’t taking the best care of myself. It was the holidays, I didn’t replenish the normal supplements I usually took, and my sleep wasn’t the best that month. I was resentful that I had let my immune system falter! When I healed, I ran out and bought a ton of preventative wellness products for my family members and me. I wanted everyone as healthy as they could be!

We are strong believers in proactive health care. If we had our way, we would deliver vitamins and minerals to every human to help them build their immune system during a time when we have very contagious and dangerous viruses spreading around the world.

Personalized Get Well Packages

Gifts are a love language that speaks to many people. Are you looking to show your love to someone you care for who’s under the weather and not feeling 100%? Our get-well packages are the perfect gift, filled with doctor-approved wellness items to help boost the immune system and comfort the soul.

Help comfort friends, family, or co-workers and let them know you care. Our get-well packages are the perfect gift for sharing positive feelings and sending good vibes. If you would like more information about our packages, please feel free to give us a call at +1 (727) 254-2452.

Help A Loved One Feel Better

Our Get Well packages are hand-crafted with love, personalization, and are delivered quickly so that we can make people feel loved as soon as possible.

Your friend, family member, or co-worker will feel so loved when this arrives at their door. Sometimes all the soul needs is a bit of happiness, support, and being thought of to lift the spirits mentally and physically. 

Make someone feel loved today!

Shop our get-well packages here

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