Get to work, kids!

I don’t think I am breaking any child labor laws by saying this, but I do believe that by the time a child is 13 they are totally capable of working a few hours here and there beyond the normal, everyday, house hold chore list. Yes, it’s important they have down time. Yes, it’s important they have social time. Yes, it’s important they have extracurricular activity time and homework time. Keeping all those accounted for and in balance, and trust me when I tell you my kids have PLENTY of that, I have decided that this year both my teenagers will be involved in the family business. It’s far from a huge, fully funded corporation, but it is our very own little business. They will utilize their natural abilities and talents to help me market and grow our income source, and they will be paid accordingly as any other employee would, well, if I had any, that is.

Kid’s Eye View on Nutrition

I have tried educating my children on health and nutrition, but it is always questionable how much they are really comprehending, as I keep finding stashes of junk food hidden in their rooms, and their desire for fast food is a constant! One actually hates exercise and finds my desire to serve protein shakes and healthy food a “soccer mom” thing! I therefore was extremely surprised when my son and his friends created this mini commercial for me to make a little extra cash (which I found out later went straight to the convenient store candy section) Interpretation directly from a kid’s point of view is simply hilarious. Bottom line? They ARE listening! Just like everything else in parenting, we just have to keep drilling in the information on nutrition, and hope that they will eventually make the right choices in the end.

Ok, Everyone. I quit.

Some days I literally feel like I just can’t do it. The day began with my daughter screaming all the way to school over a song she wanted to hear, and ended with resistance from my son who told me “NO” when I kindly asked for his help putting the Christmas ornaments in the attic. Oh, wait…. my mistake, it did not end there, as I had to make a late night shopping trip to Wal-Mart at 11:30pm so that there would be breakfast in the morning and food to pack for lunches.

The Mom Chronicles. Day 3. Finally! Access to the Craft Room!

“I am 5 now! I can finally go into the craft room at the library!” A huge monumental birthday achievement! I am so pleased to say that my daughter waited so patiently for over a year and a half to be able to have access to this art room. Sure, in the beginning there were a few temper tantrums as I would dreadfully walk past the craft area every Thursday when my older son volunteered, but very quickly, it became ” I can’t wait until I am FIVE to be able to go in the craft room!” I truly believe this milestone for her was comparable to an 18 year olds ability for finally being able to see rated “R” movies, or a 21 year finally being able to buy liquor.

The Mom Chronicles. Day 2. A New Washer!

You know you’ve reached a certain level of mommy hood when your excitement is a new washing machine! A bigger, and more water efficient model at that! It detects the setting of my load? Takes less soap? And get this, when I was shopping for my new machine, I actually saw one washed AND dried in one machine! That will be all mine in the future!!

The Mom Chronicles. Day 1.

January 1st. Day ONE of 2016. I found this a perfectly suitable day to kick off the new year and my new blog series: The Mom Chronicles. Follow the hilarious adventures of one mom, three kids, and 19 pets as they struggle, (oops…I meant joyful maneuver) thru their daily lives building a family business and a life.

Why I am a Momtreprenuer

By definition, A “Momtreprenuer” is 1. A woman nurturing an entrepreneurial streak while simultaneously juggling home and family life. 2. a Mother who starts a business from home. 3. A multitasker in its extreme. *See mumtreprenuer, business mom; mompreneurial, adj; mompreneurship, n.

A lesson on perspective

Changing your perspective is one of those easier said than done deals. All great in text books, but applying it to your daily life requires commitment and hard work. On a mission myself for personal growth, I had just finished watching a periscope video from one of my favorite top income earners and life coaches, Ray Higgons. He was talking about changing your perspective, and looking at negative, burdensome, or highly irritating situations in a different manner; and approaching things with more of an “it is what it is” view. He said when you look hard enough at every given situation, there is a lesson to be learned, and with a little patience, you may actually learn something about yourself, the other person, or life in general.

I am the storm.

Nothing’s better than knowing the gift you have to offer to the world. For many years, I knew I was a good mom, a good person, and a hard worker, but I didn’t know what my purpose in life was or what I wanted to be when I grew up. My life was pretty much like a bad storm.

The Beginning.

Well, this is a long time in the making! Where to start? There are just so many things, people, events and circumstances that have gotten me to where I am today. I really don’t even know where to begin my story… but I think I can pinpoint four major circumstances that have occurred in my life allowing me to break away from the norm, the conventional life stye that so many consider the “norm”, or how a proper Greek girl should be living her life. I’ll start with those. That will be give you a good foundation for how I ended up following a road less traveled, deviated away from the status quo, and broke free from the grind of a 9-5 lifestyle.