Why I am a Momtreprenuer

By definition, A “Momtreprenuer” is 1. A woman nurturing an entrepreneurial streak while simultaneously juggling home and family life. 2. a Mother who starts a business from home. 3. A multitasker in its extreme. *See mumtreprenuer, business mom; mompreneurial, adj; mompreneurship, n.

The balancing act of a working mom
The balancing act of a working mom

See that above picture? Yes, that explains it all. Its a balancing act, a juggling act, a multitasking act, what ever word or phrase you prefer to use. Its the most chaotic, busy, stressful, crazy life, one could ever imagine; yet, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have been to EVERY school play, every field trip, every classroom volunteer opportunity, home for every sick day, and attended every open house. I have the final say in my work hours, my vacation time, my holiday bonuses and my raises. I am in control of my own life. (Well, somewhat, I have a few little people around that attempt to micromanage me)

Now, I am gong to tell you what it is like in the day of a Momtreprenuer. Here it goes!

The Work hours of a momtrepreneur
The Work hours of a momtrepreneur

I wake up at 6 am everyday. I try very hard to remember to begin each day with a gratitude meditation, check my notifications that arrived thru the night and get a good feel for what work I need to address in the beginning part of my day. I make breakfast for one child, answer a text, could be in reference to  business or carpooling, then head out the door. At stop lights I check my daily calendar for meetings, and check my to do lists. Head back home, pack up, pick up and feed breakfast to children two and three. Out the door again. At stop lights this time I slowly begin to answer messages, although I swore to myself that I would NOT touch that phone for business until I arrived home after morning drop off.

Rise and Shine!

Enter undivided work time from 9-12 while child #3 is at VPK. But.. let me just put that load of laundry in, or clean those pots in the sink as I can NOT concentrate in this mess. Blog, speak to a client, answer emails, call customer service, go prospecting virtually, attend a meeting…they all get squeezed in somehow.

Pick up child # 3 feed her lunch, begin to work on my phones apps while simultaneously playing hide and seek. Answer or read a few more emails to the best of my ability.

Pick up child # 1 and 2, some nights I’m drop off at volunteering, soccer practice and ballet. I’ll teach a health and nutrition class while one child is at ballet, answer clients while the other child is volunteering hours for his scholarship, meet clients while the third child is at soccer.

Definition of a Momtreprenuer
Definition of a Momtreprenuer

Dinner goes like this: Headsets on taking a training call while frying empanadas. I’m muted, but listening intently. Sometimes the speaker phone is on while we are eating dinner. But do you know what? Last night the kids got to hear my name being recognized on a call for all my hard work during our family dinner, and they loved it! They were proud, and got to see that all my work is paying off. Many times during bedtime, I get to sit silently next to my child on a muted conference call and watch her fall asleep.

10pm. Enter some more uninterrupted work hours, as the house is silent and I can work again.  But, what I really want to do? Is go to sleep out of sheer exhaustion. I spend another hour or so working emails, marketing, Linked-in, social media, file, and create tomorrow’s to do list.

Yeah, sure I forgot to mention a few important things like, shower? exercise? park time? family time? Those get factored in, too, I promise! But one thing you can be sure of, when I end my day, EVERY DAY, I feel a sense of accomplishment and complete wholehearted gratitude. I am proud to be a Momtreprenuer despite its challenges. I have no guilt or regret. I am there for my children ALWAYS, and I am living a life on my own terms where I am my own boss.

To find out how you can be a Momtreprenuer, take control of your life,  and work from home, we invite you to take our VIP tour on how to get started!

These work from home opportunities are available for everyone. There is no “personality type”, or “kind” only ambition and passion for life.

You must never be forced to feel like you are “stuck ” in any decision. There is ALWAYS a way out!!.


By Angela Christu. Proud Momtreprenuer.  Yevo Partner.  CFO of Corporate Angels, LLC  and Author of “The Mom Chronicles


Angela is passionate about her family, community health, the global food crisis and empowering moms to succeed in both motherhood and business.  Please feel free to read more on her involvement in the wellness industry , follow her daily blogs of life as a stay-and-work at home mom or join her Yevolutionary Team of independent distributors out to rock the world!


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