Why I Became A Doula

Its been a difficult year. I think I may have experienced some of the worst days of my life in 2019. Then rolling into 2020, just as I started to rebuild my life, BOOM! Enter the life-altering Corona Virus. But as they say, you can’t understand the magnitude of the light without ever having experienced the darkness.  You can’t enjoy the highs, without having felt the lows. The darkness is scary, and I don’t wish it upon anyone that I know.  I won’t go into details, but I’ll just summarize it ultimately as being a sink-or-swim situation.

One day as I was metaphorically drowning, I was praying that I could find something positive to put my energy into since everything around me that I had known in my adult life was slowly falling apart. I began to think of what I loved, and what made me feel amazing.  Dancing, teaching, performing, they were once my passions but faded away as time progressed. I couldn’t get back into it as hard as I tried.

I prayed one night to God for direction.  I was given the thought to get certified to become a Birthing Doula. It combined my love of nutrition, health, and childbirth all in one.  Soon thereafter, a new passion evolved. When I really thought about it,  realized that I loved everything about being pregnant and giving birth. Specifically, I LOVED childbirth! I loved the entire experience so much I had done it FOUR TIMES, naturally, in the water! LOL. Yes, I know it sounds crazy… But I guess to each their own!

It took me a while to complete the Doula course. I am not going to lie. There were times when I just thought I couldn’t go on. There were other times when I used the childbirth education I was receiving as a distraction from my life. As the one-year deadline quickly approached, and I hustled to complete all my finals and certifications. When that certificate arrived in the mail, I was happy, but also sad. My father passed away shortly after that and my heart was in pain.

It took the Corona Virus quarantine for me to find the time to open the certificate that laid on my desk from 6 months prior. Hmm… I thought. Maybe it is time to move forward…. I began to think of why I even wanted to become a doula. Then I remembered, it all came flooding in.

I became a doula because I wanted to do something important with my life. I wanted to pursue something with meaning, full of love, and personal to my heart. Something that pertains to what I have been through, and how I can help others with everything I feel inside. A purpose. My purpose. To me, helping a mom bring new life into the world is one of the greatest jobs I could imagine. That moment when a new baby enters the world, its magic. It’s God’s hands, and voice. It’s when Heaven and Earth, the spirit and flesh, become one.  And now that I am certified as a Doula, I can share that experience with moms, dads, and any family who choose to have me share this part of their life with them.

So Covid-19, you have scared us to death, but through it all, great things have happened and will continue to happen. Life will continue to go on because it has to. We can’t give up. This is only temporary! I am looking forward to assisting in my first birth when this is all over.

Lots of Love,

Angela Christu, CD (so proud of my new title)


doula certificate


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