I should never have hired you. You have too many children.

feb19th2Happy Independence day to me! Feb 19th, 2016 marks the two year anniversary that I quit my job against a tyrant boss who I’ll just say is one of those people we all need to pray for. (I’ll keep the negative vibes off of my computer) I literally felt as if I sold my soul to the devil in desperation when I accepted the job after a separation from my then significant other that left me financially broke. I traded in my  then two year old to day care for a salary that would more than comfortably support my three kids and I. Little did I know what the next year of my life would entail. For if I DID, I would have rather stayed broke and accepted government assistance, as nothing is worth your physical and mental health, or that of your children’s.

I remember the day clearly. February 19th, 2014.  In the middle of a two hour long rantfeb19th about a new project my boss wanted me to begin working on, despite the many others that were piling up on my desk due to the lack of appropriate staffing, I thought my head would explode. I am not sure which it was, my anxiety, high blood pressure, or ulcer, but something was making my head pound and stomach ache to the point where I was talking to myself internally. What on Earth am I doing right now standing in front of this man who is treating me with no respect what so ever, talking to me like I am insignificant, and not only piling on more work than I can handle, but doing it in a way as if I am his work slave???? Is this really happening to me??? When did I become so subordinate to anyone? Is this me? Oh, my God. My head is pounding…Is this worth it?

friday2I QUIT”.  There. The words came out of my mouth loud and clear and the worse part was over. I would have paid a lot of money if I could have a video of what took place next. I can laugh at it now, but at that point I was bawling hysterically. As soon as those words were said, I felt such an overwhelming sense of freedom and release. I turned around and headed back towards my desk to gather all my personal belongings as he literally followed right behind me, screaming, making accusations, and pointing his finger at me.

Well, needless to say, and as expected, he denied my attempts at unemployment benefits, but don’t worry, the story has a happy ending! I appealed the denial and had to go to court with him. I was really nervous as I couldn’t afford an attorney.  However, as it turns out, saying things like “I should never have hired you, you have too many children” are totally illegal. Oh, its great when karma takes over. Especially whendenied your boss was an attorney by trade, and he losses his own case. I now am the proud owner of a very  good “I quit” story and the recipient of my own personal holiday. When this day rolls around every year, I am reminded of how happy I am to own my own small business. Even if I am not yet rolling in the dough, nothing makes me happier than the choice of working in my pjs or at Star bucks, which ever I prefer for the day. Or, the ability to stay home with the kids with out someone  making me feel guilty that the ledger wasn’t balanced.

*Memes made by me!


Written by Angela Christu. Proud Momtreprenuer


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